Luxand Wave FX: Free Animated Wave Effects for Adobe After Effects

Luxand Wave FX is a free and easy way to make video clips that look like they’ve been shot underwater. The new plugin makes adding realistic wave effects in Adobe After Effects a matter of just a few mouse clicks. With seven configurable options, you can adjust how the waves look and control physical properties of the liquid.



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Animated Waves with a Single Click

Adding waves to your video could not be made simpler. Just launch Adobe After Effects, load your video, and process it with Wave FX to create a clip that looks to be shot underwater. Change one or more configuration settings, and you’ll get videos that appear to be shot with a camera immersed in oil, gasoline, spirits, or other liquids of your choice.

Different Liquids. Different Waves

There are hundreds of liquids you can choose from with Surface Tension, Inertia, Viscosity, and Transparency settings. Higher viscosity, inertia, and surface tension are typical for denser liquids such as natural oil. Lower these parameters and get pure or salty water. Lower them further, and you’ll see waves of gasoline, spirits, or even lighter artificial liquids.

Configuration Settings

There are seven configuration settings available, including Path, Frequency, and Disturbance that control the position, speed, intensity, and visibility of the waves, and Surface Tension, Inertia, Viscosity, and Transparency that define the exact physical properties of the liquid.



Path sets the initial point of disturbance. Waves will be generated from this point.

Frequency controls oscillation frequency. The higher the frequency, the more waves you’ll see.

Disturbance controls the intensity, or amplitude, of waves.

The following parameters control the physical properties of the liquid.

Surface Tension is just that, the surface tension of the liquid. Similarly, Inertia, Viscosity, and Transparency control how heavy, how dense, and how opaque the liquid is.

Luxand Wave FX is absolutely free.

Download your free copy and start making underwater videos in minutes!


Luxand Wave FX 1.0, released on 02/12/2010
File size: 0.8 MB


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