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FaceSDK 6.1: Emotion Detection and Facial Expression Recognition
Luxand, Inc. releases an update to FaceSDK, a leading face recognition and facial feature detection suite. FaceSDK 6.1 implements a brand-new Facial Expression Recognition technology, enabling developers building application recognizing base human emotions and detecting whether the person has her eyes open. The new technology offers a high recognition rate, and is available for both stills and video streams. Customers ordering before the year end are eligible to receive two licenses for the price of one.
FaceSDK 6.0: 60-FPS Benchmark for Facial Feature Detection in Video Streams
Luxand, Inc. releases a major update to FaceSDK, a leading face recognition and facial feature detection suite. FaceSDK 6.0 makes use of a new, highly optimized Facial Feature Detection and Tracking engine to deliver smooth facial recognition in high-FPS video streams on both desktop and mobile platforms. In addition, the new release further improves recognition quality and includes new samples for .NET, iOS and Android developers.
FaceSDK Brings True Motion-Based Face Recognition, Supports iOS and Android
Luxand, Inc. announces a major update to FaceSDK, a leading face recognition and facial feature detection suite. FaceSDK 5.0 adds a multitude of new features, enabling real-time, motion-based subject identification in video streams with no prior enrolment. iOS and Android platforms are now supported, enabling developers build mobile apps implementing facial identification and recognition. In addition, Version 5.0 adds automatic gender recognition and improves face recognition rates compared to earlier releases
Luxand Makes iPhone Users Laugh
Luxand, Inc. announces the release of PhotoSmileys, a free iPhone app to create animated smileys and avatars out of a single picture of a human face. Animated emoticons produced with PhotoSmileys can smile, kiss, laugh, wink, angry, surprised, shy, sad or cry. Eight unique characters can be selected: cowboy, gangster, biker, surfer, blonde, brunette, flamenco and schoolgirl. Two characters available for free, others can be unlocked for a fee.
Luxand’s New Mirror Reality Technology Immerses Users in Augmented Reality
Luxand’s new Mirror Reality technology immerses users in amazing augmented reality. The innovative facial-feature recognition engine can reliably identify 66 unique facial features in real time based on a single still picture of a human face. Offering best-in-class recognition quality, competitive performance, and an unprecedented number of facial features able to be recognized, Mirror Reality has definite potential in the entertainment industry. Mirror Reality is patent pending and is open for licensing to Web and software developers as well as to entertainment and movie companies.
Luxand Automates Windows Logon with Blink!
Luxand, Inc. announces the release of new Blink! Pro, a useful tool to simplify the Windows log on process. It allows users to log in simply by looking into a web camera. Blink! Pro can now continuously monitor whether the user is still in front of their PC, automatically locking access if no face is detected for a certain period of time.
Luxand Releases SDK to Produce Passport-Size Photos out of Arbitrary Images
Luxand, Inc. announces the release of FaceCrop SDK, a toolkit for software and Web developers enabling automatic face detection and the production of passport-size images of human faces with just one function call.
Luxand, Inc. and Goldfinger Applications, Ltd. Launch PicTreat.com
Luxand Inc. and Goldfinger Applications, Ltd. announce the availability of PicTreat, a free, fully automated on-line service to enhance the appearance of human faces taken with digital cameras.
Luxand Debuts New Face Recognition Search Engine
Luxand offers the owners of photo-sharing and dating websites a new type of search engine that relies on the latest facial recognition technology to find photos of people and organize them for quick retrieval.
Build Electronic Watchdogs with Highly Accurate Face Recognition
Luxand introduces SDK for creation of security and access control systems with highly accurate facial recognition.
Swapping Faces between Images Automatically
Luxand, Inc. announces the release of FaceSwapper, a utility for swapping faces between different images completely automatically.
Luxand’s “Time Machine” Lets Everyone Get A Glimpse Into Spookytacular Future
Luxand Inc. releases Prophecy Master 1.0, an age morphing computer program that allows anyone to see what they would look like when they grow old.
Fun way for would-be moms and pops to see a future child
Luxand, Inc. today announces BabyMaker 1.0, a fun computer program specifically designed to let couples morph their photos and see a digitally created face of the future baby.
Make Me Babies, Babe!
MakeMeBabies makes it possible to peek what a baby of a user and partner, friend or celeb will look like.
Facial Recognition SDK for Application and Web Developers
Enhance your Web-based software with smooth, realistic animation effects performed on peoples' faces!
Luxand Technologies Featured on New Universal Pictures "Knocked Up" Website
Luxand facial feature recognition and automatic face morphing technologies has been licensed by The Picture Production Company (The PPC) on behalf of Universal Pictures to create an interactive promotional website for the comedy movie "Knocked Up".
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Turn ordinary photos into glamour portraits, hundreds at a time.

Latest News

17.06.2016 Mirror Reality SDK for Android
We’re excited to announce the availability of our Mirror Reality SDK for the Android platform.

12.05.2016 FaceSDK Special Offer: Buy One, Get One Free
Purchase a single license for Luxand FaceSDK before May 31 and receive a second license free of charge!

18.03.2016 Face Masks in Live Video for Your Apps
We’ve just released a new SDK for iOS developers allowing to build augmented reality apps based on human faces.

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