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We are looking for a specialist in cold sales for a remote position.

About our company:
Luxand Inc. is a leader in the development of facial recognition technology. Our main product, FaceSDK acts as a library for developers and allows them to add face recognition functions to their products. FaceSDK is among the best face recognition SDKs in the market.

Our numerous projects use our facial recognition technology to transform users' portraits: We also make most of our products available to our customers through Web API. One of our latest projects, AvatarAPI allows users to create animated 3D avatars with a single picture of their face (,

Our clients include such companies as LG Electronics, Universal Pictures, Samsung, Unilever, NEC, and Ford, as well as many banks and government agencies around the world.

  1. Search actively for new corporate clients and strategic partners. 
  2. Contact and negotiate with potential customers. 
  3. Offer products. 
  4. Provide potential customers with information. 
  5. Help choose license types for products. 
  6. Prepare and send invoices to clients. 
  7. Write progress reports. 

  1. Fluency in written and spoken English.  
  2. Excellent knowledge and mastery of sales technology and the desire and ability to communicate with people. 
  3. Technical literacy and knowledge of basic methodologies and technologies in the IT business and/or software development. 
  4. Business communication and correspondence skills. 
  5. Willingness to work and sell. 

Our Products:
  1. FaceSDK (
  2. WebAPI to our services 
  3. Mirror Reality (
  4. Avatar API (

Salary will be discussed after interviews are conducted. We offer commission.

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