Luxand - FaceSDK Download

FaceSDK 6.5.1 distribution

Luxand FaceSDK (.exe installer) 436Mb Download
Luxand FaceSDK (.tar.bz2 archive) 3066Mb Download

Note: .exe installer and .tar.bz2 archive contain the same files.


Luxand FaceSDK documentation (.pdf) 3Mb Download

Demo applications

Luxand FaceSDK Demo (.zip archive) 36Mb Download

Mobile Demo applications

Face Recognition Demo

This application receives video from a camera, allows tagging any subject with a name, and then display the name (recognizing the subject).

Live Facial Features Demo

This application detects and displays some 70 facial features in real time.

View Luxand FaceSDK End User License Agreement, Privacy Policy and Uninstallation Instructions.


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