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Luxand offers developers a variety of online API’s for building personal entertainment apps and for serving the entertainment industry. What does the Avatar API offer? In this case, a single picture is better than a thousand words. With Avatar API, you’ll be able to generate avatars and create animated cards that look like this:

What can you use it for? Avatar API is great for creating some very personal season’s greetings that look decidedly out of the box. With Avatar API, you can custom-make or mass-produce Valentines cards, Christmas and New Year’s greetings, spook friends with uncomfortably realistic Halloween cards or make them laugh with one showing their baby - and do lots and lots of other things.

What about smileys? The API makes you the full set of emoticons out of a single facial photo. It’ll make the face smile or cry, look happy or angry completely automatically depending on emoticon. We have smileys depicting pirates and cowboys, schoolgirls and baby dolls, Halloween and Valentine smileys – and lots and lots more.

Oh, and did we mention those things can move? Animated cards and moving smileys are so much fun – you’ll have to see it to believe!

Under the Hood

Luxand tools are known for their easy integration, and Avatar API is no exception. Making use of Avatar is as simple as uploading an image and downloading the result. Under the hood, there are great many things going on the moment you push the button. Avatar API will receive the picture you submitted and automatically discover the face. After finding the face, it will recognize facial features such as the eyes, lips, ears and so on, and apply a special algorithm to blend the real, photo-quality face with a smiley or card that you’ve drawn. While all that sounds a bit complex, all these details are completely hidden under the hood. All you need to do is submit a picture, and Avatar API will do the rest in an instant!

Have Fun!

Avatar API is all about fun and entertainment. Just give it a test drive! How about making a smiley with your own face? Or would you rather make one for your friend? Just visit http://luxand.com/smileys/ and upload a picture with a face, and we’ll do the rest.

How about a postcard? Visit http://luxand.com/cards/ to make a charming postcard with your face, or amuse your friends by sending them a postcard containing made with their face.

Want to see what your future baby will look like? Try the baby generator to morph your and your partner's face into your baby's face!

The How To

Connecting to Avatar API is extremely simple. The actual complex mechanics are implemented on our servers. You’ll just need to connect your app with the server by using an online API as detailed in the following manual: http://luxand.com/avatar/docs.php

Are you a mobile developer? We have the PhotoSmileys iOS app to help you see what you can do with the API on a mobile device. Since the API is fully online, you aren’t limited to Apple devices. Develop apps for Android, Windows Phone 8/8.1, or make a Universal app for Windows 10 – imagination is your only limit!

Want some source of inspiration? Check out our existing templates for smileys and postcards – or create your own! We offer a plugin for Adobe After Effects (x86 and x64) allowing you doing just that. Or check out the tutorials at http://luxand.com/avatar/plugin-tutorial.php

Use It in Your Apps and on Your Website

The Avatar API is a server-side API, allowing you to use it anywhere: in your mobile and desktop apps regardless of programming language or development environment, on your Web site – or just about anywhere you can imagine.

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