Luxand Face Recognition API

Avatar API
Transform users' faces into 3D animated avatars that can smile, cry, or laugh! The API allows to simply upload a single photo and immediately get a custom avatar. The technology creates high-quality avatars, which feature an unprecedented degree of realism.

Baby Prediction API
Predict the future of your users by creating a photo of their potential child! By analyzing two given faces, Baby Prediction API can produce a picture of a baby that has a little bit of both.

Face Aging API
Let your users discover how their faces might look as they age! Just upload a picture of a face, and Face Aging API will show what it will look like twenty or thirty years from now.

Zombie API
What would your visitors look like if they were zombies? Modern high tech brings the answer! Upload a clear picture of a face, and Zombie API will automatically process the image, turning it into a spooky green creature.

Face Enhancement API
Enhance your users' photos by reducing imperfections and improving skin tone in one click! The API will make the skin look smooth and healthy, removing any blemishes or imperfections, correcting red eyes and artificial color casts.

Video Morphing API
Offer your users the ability to morph any two faces into one. Video Morphing API creates a smooth animated transition of one face into another. Still images can be taken during the process to make funny avatars or userpics.

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