Custom Recognition Technologies

During intensive research, Luxand developers have been developing a comprehensive set of pattern recognition and image/sound processing libraries, making it possible to deliver efficient solutions for complex tasks in biometrics, recognition, or multimedia processing.

Our experience covers image and facial recognition, image morphing, and warping, as well as advanced image and audio/video effects.

We have been involved in a number of complex assignments during our operation. Our collaboration with The Picture Production Company on behalf of Universal Pictures is a good example of our recognized expertise.

Our main asset is a unique team of experts in software development and mathematics. Our team specializes in algorithmically intensive problems, and is ready to develop new technologies on demand.

We are prepared to deliver custom solutions within your timeframe and at reasonable costs. To request a quote on our custom development services, please contact us detailing your project, timeframe, and estimated costs. We'll get back to you in no longer than one business day with a detailed quote or a request for additional information.

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