Luxand Echo FX: Video Echo Effects for Adobe After Effects

Luxand Echo FX makes it easier to produce stunning video clips in Adobe After Effects by adding a video echo effect into the mix. With multiple configuration options, one can tune Luxand Echo FX to produce effects that are just perfect for every application.

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One-click Video Echo

Adding echoes to a video clip could not be made simpler. Just launching a plug-in from Adobe After Effects and clicking ‘OK’ with all default settings will produce an impressive video clip. There are 13 settings to configure, which are Echo Intensity, Trace Length, Oscillation, Phase, Frequency, Zoom Intensity, Zoom Center, Randomize Zoom, Desaturate, Wind Intensity, Wind Direction, Color, and Area Color.

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With Luxand Echo FX Lite plugin you have four parameters to control: Trace Length, Echo Intensity, Zoom Intensity, and Zoom Center. By tweaking the four configuration settings, you can create a wide variety of echoes. Echo FX Lite is completely free!

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Echo Intensity controls how pronounced the trace is. The higher the intensity, the more links the echo chain will display, and the more pronounced the echo effect will be.

Trace Length controls the distance between traces. In effect, the Trace Length parameter controls how long the shadow will be.
Interestingly, it is possible to specify positive and negative trace lengths. Positive values will create shadows that run ahead of time, borrowing trace information from future frames.

Oscillate makes it possible to create oscillating shadows, with some frames borrowed from the past and others from the future while controlling how trace length changes with time.

Frequency controls oscillation frequency. The following videos demonstrate how the parameters affect video clips.

Phase controls the initial trace length.

Zoom Intensity controls the size of the trail. Neighboring frames are resized to match the set size, and overlaid onto the current frame. The higher the Zoom Intensity, the larger the trails will be.

Zoom Center controls coordinates of the central point in relation to which the trails are composed.

Randomize Zoom makes it possible to create stunning ‘sandy’ trails.

Desaturate controls the coloring of the trails, allowing the creation of monochrome trails while maintaining the main image in color. This parameter allows creating clip-like black-and-white trails.

Wind Intensity controls how the trails fluctuate in the wind. Wind Direction controls the direction of fluctuations.

Color and Area Color work together with Desaturate, allowing the modification of the color gamma of the main image. They are only available if Desaturate is enabled.

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Luxand Echo FX 1.0, released on 11/20/2009
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