Liveness Detection Samples

Download pre-release samples of iBeta-certified liveness check (face detection anti-spoofing) below.

The liveness check supports both still images and the Tracker API. The Liveness probability is listed as a "Liveness" facial attribute. Access it with FSDK_DetectFacialAttributeUsingFeatures if not using Tracker and with FSDK_GetTrackerFacialAttribute if using Tracker. To initialize the iBeta liveness addon, please ensure that you call FSDK_SetParameter("Liveness Model", "external") and pass the "DetectLiveness=true" Tracker attribute to enable passive liveness checking.

A valid FaceSDK 8.1 license and activation key are required to run the samples.

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Android (Java) 110Mb Download
iOS (Swift) 113Mb Download
Linux (Python) 109Mb Download
Linux (C++, gtk) 109Mb Download
Windows (C++) 135Mb Download
Windows (Python) 101Mb Download
Windows (.NET, C#) 135Mb Download
Windows (.NET, C#) 135Mb Download

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