Luxand FaceSDK

Face Recognition For Developers

Luxand FaceSDK

Recognize faces and detect facial features within your .NET, C++, Delphi, and Java apps for Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Luxand FaceCrop SDK

Detect and crop faces within your desktop or PHP/ASP.NET Web applications

Mirror Reality SDK

Develop augmented reality facial filters with MirrorReality SDK for iOS, Android and Windows

Our clients

For Web and Mobile

Avatar API

Transform users' faces into 3D animated avatars that can smile, cry, or laugh

e-Cards API

Create 3D e-Cards, animating faces of your visitors

Baby prediction API

Predict the future of your users by creating a photo of their potential child

Face aging API

Let your users discover how their faces might look as they age

Zombie API

What would your visitors look like if they were zombies? Modern high tech brings the answer!


Enhance your users' photos by reducing imperfections and improving skin tone in one click



Create 3D models and avatars on the fly with automatic facial feature detection


Integrate face detection and face recognition into your applications

Mobile Apps

youmask Beards

Your magic mirror augmenting a virtual beard to your real face

youmask Piercing

Try all the different types of piercing without drilling holes


Looks at you through the camera and tells your age and gender

youmask stars

Makes you look like your favorite movie character


Applies live filters to your face in real time


Funny baby face out of parents' pictures


Turn your face into an animated smiley with a single tap

Face Recognition

Memorizes a face and recognizes it further


Detects and displays some 70 facial features in real time

For Home Users

Mirror Reality

Look at a webcam and see yourself transformed on the monitor

Luxand BabyMaker

Don't wait nine months to see what your baby will look like!

Luxand ProphecyMaster

No need to wait for 20 years to see what you are going to look like!

Luxand Blink!: Face Recognition Login

Log into your PC by simply looking at it

Luxand FaceSwapper

FaceSwapper makes it easy to cut and paste faces from one picture into another


Create funny face animations. Morph them ALL!



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