Luxand in Blogs and Media

Below is the list of references to Luxand in the media. Our tools and technologies were also used and referenced in over 200 papers published in renowned scientific magazines.

Luxand releases FaceSDK 6.2 with improved real-time recognition, live facial filters on mobiles (FaceSDK,, 19.09.2016)

Luxand FaceSDK 6.2 Improves Real-Time Recognition, Better Live Facial Filters on Mobiles (FaceSDK,, 17.09.2016)

Как ще изглеждате след 20 години? Този сайт ще ви покаже (In20Years,, 29.05.2016)

Descubre Cómo Te Verás En 20 Años: Esta Página Web Te Muestra Tu Rostro Después De Dos Décadas (In20Years,, 25.05.2016)

Этот сайт покажет, как вы будете выглядеть через 20 лет (In20Years,, 24.05.2016)

What Does Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes' Second Baby Look Like? Here Are Some Totally Scientific Representations (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 10.05.2016)

What Will Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna's Baby Look Like? Here Are A Few Predictions — PHOTOS (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 06.05.2016)

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Are Having a Baby Girl, and We Already Know What She’ll Look Like (MakeMeBabies,, 20.04.2016)

Как будет выглядеть будущий ребенок Домрачевой и Бьордалена (фото) (MakeMeBabies,, 06.04.2016)

WHAT HAVE I CREATED!? MY BABIES ARE UGLY! | Makemebabies (MakeMeBabies,, 01.04.2016)

Does Saint West Look More Like Kim Kardashian Or Kanye West? There's Only One Way To Find Out (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 21.03.2016)

This Is What Your Favorite Celebs Will Look Like In 50 Years (In20Years,, 16.03.2016)

What Would A 'Gilmore Girls' Luke & Lorelai Baby Look Like? These Baby Picture Generators Might Hold The Answer (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 11.03.2016)

What Do Lane & Zack's Twins Look Like On 'Gilmore Girls'? Baby Face Generators Help Us Predict The Future — PHOTOS (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 09.03.2016)

Luxand Blink! 2.4 (Blink!,, 16.02.2016)

Global Facial Recognition Market 2016-2020 (FaceSDK,, 05.02.2016)

Luxand Mirror Reality 2.0 (MirrorReality,, 02.16)

Amy Schumer & Her Celeb Crushes Would Make Cute Babies -- Check It Out (PHOTOS) (MakeMeBabies,, 14.01.2016)

【朗報】DAIGOと北川景子の子供の顔をご覧ください!1000年に一度の美形! (MakeMeBabies,, 12.01.2016)

What Will Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's New Baby Look Like Grown Up? It's Time To Get Weird — PHOTOS (In20Years,, 05.12.2015)

We Merged The Faces Of William And Kate Using A Face Detector To See If It Looks Like Princess Charlotte (MakeMeBabies,, 30.11.2015)

Toti au fost UIMITI! Prima imagine cu fetita Andei Adam! "Seamana cu Alex Velea.." (MakeMeBabies,, 30.11.2015)

What Would Alek & Emma's Kids Look Like? If The 'Dancing With The Stars' Duo Stars Dating, They'd Have Talented Babies (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 24.11.2015)

Photo Apps That'll Turn You Into a Zombie ASAP (MakeMeZombie,, 30.10.2015)

What Would Jade & Tanner's Kids Look Like? 'Bachelor In Paradise' Fans Can Find The Answer Online — PHOTOS (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 16.09.2015)

Wajah Bayi Lee Min Ho - Suzy Miss A Terungkap! (MakeMeBabies,, 10.09.2015)

MARKIPLIER AND I'S LOVE-CHILD??! | Making Babies with YouTubers ( (MakeMeBabies,, 18.08.2015)

What Would Kaitlyn & Shawn B.’s Kids Look Like? ‘Bachelorette’ Fans Can Find The Answer Online — PHOTOS (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 03.08.2015)

Télécharger BabyMaker pour Windows (BabyMaker,, 23.07.2015)

ME AND ANGELINA JOLIE'S BABY!? BURN IT. | (MakeMeBabies,, 18.07.2015)

Louis Tomlinson et Briana Jungwirth parents, découvrez le morphing INCROYABLE de leur bébé ! (MakeMeBabies,, 15.07.2015)

What Will Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Baby Boy Look Like? These Weird Baby Generators Might Predict The Future — PHOTOS (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 22.06.2015)

What Will The Second Kimye Baby Look Like? He Will Be Really Into Scuba, Per This Weird Baby Generator (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 01.06.2015)

What the internet thinks Princess Charlotte will look like when she grows up (MakeMeBabies,, 07.05.2015)

What Will Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff's Kids Look Like? Online Baby Generators To The Rescue! — PHOTOS (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 21.04.2015)

What Would Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden's Baby Look Like? Let's Jump the Gun Because These Photos Are Hilarious — PHOTOS (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 08.01.2015)

What Will 'Gotham's Bruce Wayne Look Like as Batman? Let's Age David Mazuoz & Find Out (In20Years,, 24.11.2014)

K Windows 8 se nemusíte přihlašovat pouze heslem (Blink!,, 13.11.2014)

See What Ronaldo, Messi, Rafa Nadal, Chicharito And Other Latino Athletes Will Look Like In The Year 2034! [SLIDESHOW] (In20Years,, 09.10.2014)

What Will Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Baby Look Like? These Online Generators Can Give Us a Clue — PHOTOS (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 06.10.2014)

What Will Kate Middleton & Prince William's New Baby Look Like? You'll Be Sorry You Asked — PHOTOS (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 08.09.2014)

Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling's Baby Will Look Like This (Thanks, Internet!) — PHOTOS (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 10.07.2014)

What 'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman's Kids Will Look Like With Her Remaining Suitors — PHOTOS (BabyMaker, MakeMeBabies,, 08.07.2014)

Mila Kunis et Ashton Kutcher : Voici à quoi ressemblera leur bébé ! (BabyMaker,, 31.05.2014)

TREĆI MESEC TRUDNOĆE: Ovako će im izgledati dete! (FOTO) (MakeMeBabies,, 25.04.2014)

This Software Can Virtually Age a Baby 80 Years (In20Years,, 11.04.2014)

Curiosidade: Saiba como será a aparência do seu filho com o site Make me Babies (MakeMeBabies,, 10.04.2014)

This Is What Pregnant Kerry Washington’s Baby Could Look Like (PHOTO) (MakeMeBabies,, 29.01.2014)

Dichiarazioni shock : come avere un figlio da George Clooney (MakeMeBabies,, 17.12.2013)

How to put smileys on friends` faces with Luxand Photosmileys? (PhotoSmileys,, 14.11.2013)

Turning your plain photos into hilarious ones (MakeMeZombie,, 14.11.2013)

Звездный нумеролог: двойняшки Пугачевой и Галкина станут олимпийскими чемпионами [Видео] (MakeMeBabies,, 18.10.2013)

tutorial luxand blink (Blink!,, 06.10.2013)

«Хочу вырасти!» на iPhone и iPad (GrowMeUp,, 23.09.2013)

Đăng nhập Windows bằng công nghệ nhận diện khuôn mặt (Blink!,, 30.08.2013)

Luxand updates facial recognition SDK, adds Android, iOS support (FaceSDK,, 28.08.2013)

7 more uses of a webcam (Blink!,, 22.07.2013)

S kým ešte nemal Boris Kollár dieťa? (MakeMeBabies,, 03.07.2013)

Webcam FaceDetection Luxand C# (FaceSDK,, 01.07.2013)


Блокировка с помощью веб камеры, обзор программы Luxand Blink Prov2.3Rus (Blink!,, 24.06.2013)

Blink : un outil de reconnaissances faciale pour verrouiller un PC (Blink!,, 21.03.2013)

Belen e Stefano De Martino: ecco come sarà il figlio Santiago (foto) (MakeMeBabies,, 30.10.2012)

Vezi cum arata vedetele rock transformate in zombies (MakeMeZombie,, 30.10.2012)

Zombies Take Over Country Music! (MakeMeZombie,, 29.10.2012)

„Dansez pentru Tine”, în stil Halloween | Am transformat vedetele în ZOMBIE | FOTO (MakeMeZombie,, 26.10.2012)

Анимированные фотосмайлы для iPhone (PhotoSmileys,, 04.10.2012)

PhotoSmileys — эмоции в движении (PhotoSmileys,, 18.09.2012)

[Видеообзор] Photosmileys (PhotoSmileys,, 18.09.2012)

PhotoSmileys — смайлы XXI века (PhotoSmileys,, 15.09.2012)

Photosmileys для iPhone и iPad (Обзор) (PhotoSmileys,, 15.09.2012)

Photosmileys. Анимируем себя (PhotoSmileys,, 05.09.2012)

Photosmileys. Анимируем себя и знакомых (PhotoSmileys,, 05.09.2012)

Almost 45: Huguely likely facing middle-age prison release (In20Years,, 27.08.2012)

Hvordan kommer babyen din til å se ut? (MakeMeBabies,, 25.05.2012)

GALERIE FOTO: Cum vor arăta EBA, Elena Udrea şi Roberta Anastase peste 20 de ani (ProphecyMaster,, 14.03.2012)

Awkward Moments With Men: He Was My Best Friend ... And Then He Met Her (MakeMeBabies,, 03.02.2012)

有摄像头就行 普通笔记本体验人脸识别 (Blink!,, 18.01.2012)

普通笔记本体验人脸识别 有摄像头就行 (Blink!,, 18.01.2012)

8 things you didn't know your webcam could do (Blink!,, 19.12.2011)

ProphecyMaster: como seremos en 20 años? (ProphecyMaster,, 14.12.2011)

Tech 3.0: Face it - we're being watched (Blink!,, 08.12.2011)

Happy Halloween From BerryReview! Don’t Forget To Create a Zombie Avatar (MakeMeZombie,, 31.10.2011)

Nine Creepy Apps for Android, iOS, and the Web (MakeMeBabies,, 26.07.2011)

Albert de Monaco et Char­lene : déjà la photo de leurs bébés ! (MakeMeBabies,, 03.06.2011)

How to Install Luxand Blink in Windows (Blink!,, 09.05.2011)

Luxand Blink- Free Windows 7/ Vista Facial Recognition Software Tool (Blink!,, 07.05.2011)

Free Luxand Blink (Blink!,, 25.04.2011)

Luxand’s New Mirror Reality Technology Immerses Users in Augmented Reality (MirrorReality,, 20.04.2011)

TIP: přihlaste se do Windows za pomoci webkamery (Blink!,, 14.04.2011)

Justin Bieber y Selena Gómez: Mira como serían sus bebés (MakeMeBabies,, 26.01.2011)

These 30 Websites Will Teach You "How To" Do Just About Anything (MakeMeBabies,, 07.12.2010)

How to Install Luxand Blink! in windows? (Blink!,, 26.11.2010)

Dos maneras de acceder a Windows sin escribir una contraseña (Blink!,, 21.11.2010)

זיהוי פנים - לא מה שחשבתם (Blink!,, 19.11.2010)

Geek Fun: Get Zombified With ‘Make Me Zombie’ (MakeMeZombie,, 30.10.2010)

Modifica la tua foto in zoombie con Make me Zombie (MakeMeZombie,, 30.10.2010)

Create a Free Zombie Avatar for Halloween Using MakeMeZombie (MakeMeZombie,, 28.10.2010)

Just in Time for Halloween: Zombify Yourself (MakeMeZombie,, 25.10.2010)

Login in Windows in stile James Bond con webcam, scansione del volto e riconoscimento facciale grazie a Luxand Blink (Blink!,, 02.10.2010)

My love child with Beyonce (MakeMeBabies,, 21.09.2010)

Luxand Blink-通过面部识别登录 Windows (Blink!,, 18.09.2010)

Luxand lanza software gratis de reconocimiento facial (Blink!,, 13.09.2010)

Riconoscimento Facciale Luxand Blink!per un Login sicuro sul tuo account (Blink!,, 07.09.2010)

You Don't Need Dell to Get Facial Recognition on Your PC (Blink!,, 01.09.2010)

Luxand Blink – Đăng nhập Windows bằng khuôn mặt (Blink!,, 29.07.2010)

Blink: Die Gesichtskontrolle für Ihren PC (Blink!,, 27.07.2010)

Prepare to be amazed (and horrified) by (In20Years,, 17.07.2010)

Windows - Luxand Blink (Blink!,, 12.07.2010)

Fast Facial Touchups at (PicTreat,, 11.07.2010)

Sun Protection and Photo Flaws? There's an app for that! (PicTreat,, 10.07.2010)

Foto Ritratto: Ritocco Online Gratis e Veloce (PicTreat,, 08.07.2010)

Retouch Photos with (PicTreat,, 08.07.2010)

See What Robert Pattinson Will Look Like in 20 Years! (In20Years,, 02.07.2010)

See what you will look like in 30 years! (In20Years,, 26.06.2010)

Wondering What Stars Will Look Like In 20 Years? (In20Years,, 23.06.2010)

顔認識によるWindowsへのログインならBlinkで! (Blink!,, 20.05.2010)

Jennifer Lopez making babies at (MakeMeBabies,, 10.05.2010)

Depressing App Shows You What You'll Look Like in 20 Years (In20Years,, 06.05.2010)

Genius! An iPhone App That Retouches Your Photos (PicTreat,, 06.05.2010)

Picture Perfect with PicTreat! (PicTreat,, 05.2010)

PicTreat Provides Instant Face Retouching (PicTreat,, 15.04.2010)

PRESS RELEASE: Instantly Retouch Photos in a Single Click for Free with (PicTreat,, 15.04.2010)

With Luxand Blink, Your Face Is Your Password (Blink!,, 11.04.2010)

GIVE GOOD FACE WITH PICTREAT (PicTreat,, 01.04.2010)

Babies (MakeMeBabies,, 17.03.2010)

7 Cool, Free Security Applications (Blink!,, 17.03.2010)

Would You Retouch Your Facebook Photos? (PicTreat,, 17.03.2010)

Improve your image, for free (PicTreat,, 16.03.2010)

Website Lets You Make Your Own Celeb Baby (MakeMeBabies,, 11.03.2010)

babies i made at make me babies! (MakeMeBabies,, 06.03.2010)

MakeMeBabies.COM (MakeMeBabies,, 25.02.2010)

Luxand's Photo Retouching Technology (PicTreat,, 2010)

Luxand Glamourizer Turns Candids Into Glamour Shots (Glamourizer,, 27.11.2009)

Baby girl for Marko Jaric and Adriana Lima! (MakeMeBabies,, 18.11.2009)

Retoca fotografías online con PicTreat (PicTreat,, 07.10.2009)

BABY MAKING: There’s An App For That! (MakeMeBabies,, 14.09.2009)

Correggere Occhi Rossi Online (PicTreat,, 04.09.2009)

Artifacts From the Future: Online Dating Site (MakeMeBabies,, 20.08.2009)

PicTreat: Get Perfect Skin in One Click (PicTreat,, 06.08.2009)! LOL! (MakeMeBabies,, 01.05.2009)

Quer ver como seria a carinha do bebê de Josi e Newton? (MakeMeBabies,, 13.03.2009)

2008 in Review: Mashable's 20 Most Popular Stories (MakeMeBabies,, 22.12.2008)

Csinálj gyereket celebbel! (MakeMeBabies,, 19.12.2008)


免费!用网站预测你未来宝宝的模样 (MakeMeBabies,, 04.11.2008)

Software de manipulação deixa internauta 20 anos mais velho (ProphecyMaster,, 24.10.2008)

FaceMorpher Tutorial (FaceMorpher,, 23.07.2008) Gets Publicity (MakeMeBabies, Globo TV, 14.07.2008)

Nicole Kidman e Keith Urban pretendem batizar a filha na Austrália (MakeMeBabies,, 07.07.2008)

Site para prever a cara do seu bebê (MakeMeBabies,, 04.07.2008)

Casais famosos entram na brincadeira para 'prever' como serão seus filhos (MakeMeBabies,, 29.06.2008)

MakeMeBabies ti mostra come sarà il tuo bambino! (MakeMeBabies,, 26.06.2008)

MakeMeBabies Predicts What You and Your Lover's Kid Will Look Like (MakeMeBabies,, 24.06.2008)

Página 'prevê' como será bebê a partir de fotos dos pais (MakeMeBabies,, 24.06.2008)

使用FaceMorpher制作有趣的gif动态图 (FaceMorpher,, 13.03.2008)

Doğacak Bebeğiniz Kime Benzeyecek? Babymaker (BabyMaker,, 2008)

Luxand Facial Recognition Technologies Features in Universal Pictures New Promotional Website (FaceSDK,, 23.07.2007)

The Vampire Diaries saison 7 : Steroline, Bamon, Calaric, à quoi ressemblerait leur bébé ? (PHOTOS) (MakeMeBabies,

Face Detection & Recognition Software (Free open source – Commercial) (FaceSDK,

CHIP Fazit zu FaceSwapper (FaceSwapper,


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