Luxand MirrorReality SDK – Facial Feature Coordinates of the Mask

Each mask must include a .grd file that contains its facial feature coordinates. Masks included in MirrorReality SDK use the same .grd file. We recommend using this .grd file for your own masks as well. Therefore, if you create a new mask it must be aligned with the face in our mrsample.psd file. In this case, you do not need to edit the .grd file.

If you need to change some of your mask’s facial feature coordinates, you can edit the .grd file. Its structure is the following. The first line contains the number of facial features (points). Every next line contains the coordinates of the corresponding feature. If you need to change some coordinates, you can edit the corresponding line of the .grd file.

Mask facial feature coordinates should be matched with the corresponding facial feature coordinates (the default markup used in FaceSDK):

Please note that FaceSDK returns 70 facial features when detecting the facial features. Therefore, the custom .grd file must contain 70 facial features too.


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