Luxand MirrorReality SDK – Library Activation

MirrorReality SDK is a copy-protected library, and must be activated with a license key before its use. You need to pass the license key received from Luxand, Inc. to the MR_ActivateLibrary function.

  MR_ActivateLibrary Function

Activates the MirrorReality SDK library.

iOS, Objective-C Syntax:

int MR_ActivateLibrary(char* LicenseKey);

Android, Java Syntax:

int MR.ActivateLibrary(String LicenseKey);

C++ Syntax:

int MR_ActivateLibrary(char* LicenseKey);


LicenseKey – License key you received from Luxand, Inc.

Return Value:

Returns FSDKE_OK if successful.


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