Luxand FaceSDK – Using with Visual Basic 6.0

For Visual Basic 6.0 applications, put the Visual Basic wrapper (bin\win32\FaceSDK-VB.dll) into the project directory and add LuxandFaceSDK.bas (include\VB6\LuxandFaceSDK.bas) module to your project (Select Project – Add module – Existing and choose a module location). Also you need to put facesdk.dll into the application working directory.

Note that Tracker API functions employ the Currency data type to store 64-bit integer values. You need to redistribute both FaceSDK-VB.dll and facesdk.dll with your application.

Visual Basic 6.0 was released in 1998 and cannot fully support some modern operating systems. Hence we cannot guarantee that the samples written in Visual Basic 6.0 will work seamlessly on any Microsoft Windows versions newer than Windows XP.


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