Luxand FaceSDK – Using with C/C++

For Microsoft Visual C++ applications, you need to include the header file include\C\LuxandFaceSDK.h, and the stub library file facesdk.lib into your project.

Follow these steps to add the library to your project:

  • Copy include\C\LuxandFaceSDK.h into the directory of your project
  • For 32-bit applications, copy bin\win32\facesdk.dll and bin\win32\facesdk.lib into the output directory of your project
  • For 64-bit applications, copy bin\win64\facesdk.dll and bin\win64\facesdk.lib into the output directory of your project
  • Choose Project Properties – Linker – Input – Additional Dependencies, and add facesdk.lib string
  • Choose Project Properties – Linker – General – Additional Library Directories Dependencies, and add $(OutDir) string (a reference to the output directory)
  • Add the following statement to the beginning of your application:

include "LuxandFaceSDK.h"

The output directory $(OutDir) typically refers to Debug\ or Release\ in the directory of your solution. You may change it in the Configuration Properties – General of your project. You may also choose another directory to store the .lib file, but it is recommended to keep facesdk.dll in the directory where the executable file of your application is located.

You need to redistribute the file facesdk.dll with your application.


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