Video Morphing API

To create an animation, you need to send a POST request in the MULTIPART FORM DATA format to, with the following parameters:

  • client_name - your user name;
  • client_password - MD5 hash of a concatenation of your password with the current date in the "Ymd" format. For example, if your password is "PASSWORD", and the current date is February 4th, 2013 you need to send the MD5 hash of the string "PASSWORD20130204". The API will tolerate a difference of one day from the current date (in the server's time zone);
  • morphing_type - for Video Morphing API, specify the string "video";
  • video_type - "avi" or "flv";
  • video_width - video width, e.g. "320";
  • video_height - video height, e.g. "240";
  • frame_rate - frames per second, e.g. "25";
  • frame_count - count of frames for the video, e.g. "250" will produce 10 second video (if frame_rate is set to 25);
  • client_file1 - image containing the first face in JPG or PNG format;
  • client_file2 - image containing the second face in JPG or PNG format.

The server will send the resulting animation in the animated GIF format. In the case of any error, the server will return an error message in plain text.


Sample PHP applications and their source code are available at the following links: (source code)

Please specify your user name and password in the 'client_name' and 'client_password' fields in the source code. You need to assign just your password to the 'client_password', not an MD5 hash of it, since the example computes this hash before the request.

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