Luxand FaceCrop SDK – Using in Command Line

FaceCrop is supplied with a command line utility facecrop.exe. It has the following syntax:

facecrop <in_file><out_file>

--key <activation key>

[--size <width>x<height>]

[--scale <scale_value>]

[--shift <shift_x><shift_y>]

[--jpeg_quality <quality>]

[--performance <performance_level>]

[--threshold <threshold_value>]



<in_file><out_file>– specifies the names of input and output files.

 --key <activation key> – activates the library like the fcActivate function.

 --size <width>x<height> – specifies the values of width and height to use in fcFaceCrop and fcGetFacePosition functions.

 --scale <scale_value> – sets the scale like the fcSetFaceScale function.

 --shift <shift_x>x<shift_y> – sets the face shift like the fcSetFaceShift function.

 --jpeg_quality <quality> – sets the JPEG compression quality like the fcSetJpegQuality function.

 --performance <performance_level> – sets the performance level like the fcSetDetectionPerformance function.

 --threshold <threshold_value> – sets the face detection threshold like the fcSetDetectionThreshold function.

 --coords – if this key is specified, the command returns the coordinates of the face-containing rectangular like the fcGetFacePosition function, else it saves the cropped face into the <out_file>file like the fcFaceCrop function.


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