For Developers

Luxand FaceSDK

Recognize faces and detect facial features within your .NET, C++, Delphi, and Java apps for Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Luxand FaceCrop SDK

Detect and crop faces within your desktop or PHP/ASP.NET Web applications

For Web and Mobile

Avatar API

Transform users' faces into 3D animated avatars that can smile, cry, or laugh

e-Cards API

Create 3D e-Cards, animating faces of your visitors

Baby prediction API

Predict the future of your users by creating a photo of their potential child

Face aging API

Let your users discover how their faces might look as they age

Zombie API

What would your visitors look like if they were zombies? Modern high tech brings the answer!


Enhance your users' photos by reducing imperfections and improving skin tone in one click


Mirror Reality

Immerse yourself in amazing augmented reality with Mirror Reality technology


Create 3D models and avatars on the fly with automatic facial feature detection


Integrate face detection and face recognition into your applications

For Home Users

Luxand Blink!: Face Recognition Login

Log into your PC by simply looking at it

Luxand BabyMaker

Don't wait nine months to see what your baby will look like! All you need is two pictures

Luxand ProphecyMaster

No need to wait for 20 years to see what you or your friends are going to look like!


Face Masks in Live Video for Your Apps

We’ve just released a new SDK for iOS developers allowing to build augmented reality apps based on human faces.

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Share Your Valentine with Buy One, Get One Free Deal

For this Valentine’s day we prepared something truly special: the second FaceCrop SDK license is free when you buy one!

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FaceSDK 6.1: Emotion Detection and Facial Expression Recognition

The updated Luxand FaceSDK 6.1 is out with new Facial Expression Recognition.

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Mirror Reality 2.0: Must Be Seen To Believe

One of our tools just got a major update. The new Mirror Reality 2.0 adds a bunch of visual effects, including a very special one – just before the Halloween season!

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