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face recognition
face recognition
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face recognition
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face recognition face recognition


GlamourizerGlamourizer: Turn ordinary snapshots into stunning glamour portraits in one click!

Glamourizer makes it easy to create perfect glamour portraits out of ordinary snapshots. Automatically locating all the people faces in a picture, Glamourizer makes skin look smooth and natural while removing small imperfections. Automatic skin tone adjustments and red-eye removal make batch image enhancement a matter of just a few mouse clicks! Read More...


Blink! ProLuxand Automates Windows Logon with Blink!

Blink! Pro lets users log in to Windows by simply looking into a webcam. Just as fingerprint readers verify users by scanning a fingertip, Blink! Pro does the same – but without having them touch anything. In addition, Blink! Pro offers the ability to continuously monitor whether the registered user or anybody at all is present in front of a PC, locking access if nobody is there for a defined period of time. Read More...


Blink!Luxand Blink! - Log in to your PC by simply looking!

Luxand Blink! allows users to log in to Windows by simply looking into a webcam – no need to scan fingers or type lengthy passwords. Luxand Blink! supports all types of webcams, accommodates for varying lighting conditions, and recognizes faces with different haircuts, contacts, lipsticks, and fashion accessories. Read More...


FaceSwapperFaceSwapper: Swap faces between images automatically!

FaceSwapper makes it easy to cut and paste faces from one picture into another without precision selections or manual color adjustments. The cutting and pasting occurs in 3D space, allowing you to easily match the angle and direction of the target face. No need to use complicated 3D modeling applications or costly graphical packages. Create high-quality collages in minutes! Read More...


BabyMakerBabyMaker: Don't wait for nine months to see your baby!

The science of fortune telling is brought to perfection with BabyMaker. Just put pictures of you two into BabyMaker, and see what your baby will look like in just a moment. Impress your friends and family with 'what if' pictures of your possible babies made with just about anyone. Read More...


ProphecyMasterProphecyMaster: Have a peek into the future!

No need to wait for 20 years to see what you or your friends are going to look like! A single photo is all you need to peek into the future. Just put your picture into ProphecyMaster, and see your face aged instantly. Read More...


FaceMorpherFaceMorpher: Create funny face animations. Morph them ALL!

Create animated transitions of one face into another in just minutes with this fully automated face morphing program. It guesses basic spots automatically and makes realistic animations saving you time and effort. Read More...


Chord Pickout

Chord Pickout: A program to recognize chords in a song

Chord Pickout uses its artificial intelligence to guess chords for you. All you have to do is to load a media file (wav or mp3) and click a button. Chord Pickout will transcribe the music and write down the recognized chords automatically. Read More...

face recognition
Top Downloads

Blink! Pro
Log in to your PC by simply looking at it.
Don't wait nine months to see your baby! All you need is two pictures.
What Will You Look Like in 20 Years?
Turn ordinary photos into glamour portraits, hundreds at a time.

Latest News

17.06.2016 Mirror Reality SDK for Android
We’re excited to announce the availability of our Mirror Reality SDK for the Android platform.

12.05.2016 FaceSDK Special Offer: Buy One, Get One Free
Purchase a single license for Luxand FaceSDK before May 31 and receive a second license free of charge!

18.03.2016 Face Masks in Live Video for Your Apps
We’ve just released a new SDK for iOS developers allowing to build augmented reality apps based on human faces.

face recognition

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