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Detect Human Faces and Facial Features

Luxand’s patent pending technology detects facial features quickly and reliably. The SDK processes an image, detects human faces within it, and returns the coordinates of 66 facial feature points including eyes, eye contours, eyebrows, lip contours, nose tip, and so on.




Detect 66 Unique Facial Features

Immerse Yourself in Augmented Reality

Powered with sophisticated facial feature detection, Mirror Reality technology augments reality by altering a person’s appearance. Still pictures of human faces can be completely transformed, and video streams automatically change into enhanced reality.

Create 3D Head Models

Developing morphing, animation, or 3D software? Create a perfect 'skin' or a 3D head model automatically! The SDK can detect human faces and return the coordinates of facial features, making it easy to match facial features in the photograph with corresponding features on the 3D head.

Make Animated 3D Avatars Completely Automatically

Make a perfect 'talking head' avatar for your online applications with a single photograph of a human face. Current generations of 3D head modeling software require manual selection of major facial features such as eyes, nose, and mouth to match them against the same features on the 3D head model. The manual intervention is required to create realistic 3D heads, and is an absolute must if you want animation.

The SDK automates the task, allowing you to make new avatars on the fly. Imagine letting your customers upload their pictures and immediately receive their animated avatars! The SDK recognizes the face in a photograph and returns the coordinates of facial features in a list of anchor points. Your software can easily match facial features such as eyes, mouth, nose, and ears to the points on your 3D head model, creating a head that looks and moves like the original.


The SDK is implemented as a highly compatible library that works with all 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux, and with 64-bit Macintosh, and supports many popular development environments. Microsoft Visual C++, .C#, VB.NET and Borland Delphi users get all necessary header files, making it easy to integrate with new or existing projects.


Create graphical editors or automatic red-eye removal products. Develop solutions for making and animating 3D head models with a single photograph. Morph, animate, or transform human faces with the SDK! Contact us to request your evaluation version and start enhancing your applications immediately.

* The sequence of facial feature coordinates was detected off-line and smoothed with temporal filters.
face recognition
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Latest News

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Luxand BabyMaker for iOS is released.

28.01.2015 FaceSDK 5.0.1 for iOS Goes 64-bit
Luxand releases a 64-bit FaceSDK build for Apple iOS.

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face recognition

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face recognition
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